22 Days HD is an app to help you remember those important dates in your life. Count down exactly how much time until your friends birthdays or other special events. Receive notifications for each event on the day and time you specify. Personalize your events with your own photos or from the included ones. It is not only the best way to remember all of your events but also the best looking one.
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• Accurate countdown of events.
• Pleasant graphical user interface
• Automatic holiday event creation.
• Set notifications to the hour of your choosing.
• Included images for the most common events.
• Automatic event creation for contacts.
• Fast event creation.
• Social Network integration.
• Quick event selector.
• Recurring events.
• Automatic event creation from ICS files.
• Included quick user guide.
If you have any questions or suggestions please use the link below. Also be sure to follow @22daysapp on Twitter for the latest news.
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